HB-101 Natural Plant Vitalizer 100ml

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HB-101 Natural Plant Vitalizer is an all-purpose natural plant vitalize that is highly effective for use in growing all kinds of plants. All you have to do is dilute it with water. It is easy to use, safe and harmless, which makes it perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation.

HB-101 is made up of active plant substances. Or in other words, it is the essence of nutrition for plants. With HB-101, plants will become healthier and stronger. If plants are healthy and strong, you can grow them easily without toxic substances. Good use of HB-101 will help you cultivate healthy plants without adding to environmental pollution.

HB-101 is made in japan.

Efficient Absorption of Phosphorous, Nitrogen, and Potassium from the Soil
In addition to water and nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which plants absorb through the roots, other nutrients such as calcium (ionized calcium), sodium (ionized sodium), etc., present in HB-101 are absorbed evenly via the leaves into the plants, cell fluid, thereby strengthening the cells and increasing photosynthetic efficiency.

Vitalizing and Maintaining the Balance of Soil Microorganisms
HB-101 contains nutrients for plants (such as water and ionized minerals) as well as a large amount of a saponin-like substance, which helps to supply the air for microorganisms. These ingredients help to maintain the balance between microorganisms (beneficial and destructive bacteria).

Effective for Soil Improvement
Good soil is soft, containing an appropriate amount of moisture and air, drains quickly after rain, remains moist enough during a dry spell, and has a neutral or weakly-acidic pH. In soil to which HB-101 is applied, beneficial microorganisms thrive and a healthy balance between different microorganism is maintained.

Contains Pinene, a Substance that Repels Plant Enemies
HB-101 is an all-natural vitalize that is totally safe for all living creatures. Although it is not a pesticide, it contains a plant essential oil called pinene. This substance appears to be effective in keeping noxious insects away from plants.

Directions for Use: To be used from 1,000 to 100,000  times (1ml of HB-101 with 1 - 100 litres of water) dilution with water for regular use, the recommended dosage is 1ml of HB-101 per 10 metres square of the garden. Can also be used in hydroponic systems.