Jacko liquid gold

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These are the 4 main microbes in our product. - Bacillus amyloliquefaciens a root-colonizing biocontrol microbe, and is used to fight some plant root pathogens. - Bacillus licheniformis Strain prevents and treat many fungal diseases. - Bacillus Subtillis releases phosphorus build up by helping to release the phosphate bonds and distribute the phosphate throughout the different plants throughout the entire growing season. - Bacillus megaterium is an agent for the biocontrol of plant diseases and promotes Nitrogen fixation. INSTRUCTION TO USE: (A) Plants in Pots/Raised Bed - dilute 1ml of microbes to 500ml of clean water in a bucket or spray pump. - make sure the bucket or spray pump is free of chemical and pesticide. - allow the mixture to rest for 30 mins before use (if you have the effort, please stir the mixture a bit to bring oxygen into the mixture, otherwise leave it as it is) - water into soil per plant's watering requirement. - incorporate into your weekly regime. (B) For water propagation - ensure that plant is suitable for water propagation - follow same dilution rate as (A) - ensure propagation container is free of pesticide and chemical - put a pinch of fertiliser into the propagation container with the diluted microbes solution - change water at least once a week and monitor vessel for mosquito larvae CAUTION: DO NOT mix with any fungicide or pesticide during microbes application. Allow 72 hours gap between (before and after) microbes application