Mini Neoregelia 'Mo Peppa Please'

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Neoregelia 'Mo Peppa Please' is a great min bromeliad maturing at 6 inches tall or less. Grows in a compact stiff-leaved rosette of green leaves that are highly speckled with brown color. Some have success growing this this one in almost full sun, which gives it a toasty dark red tint. Neoregelia 'Mo Peppa Please' is not a species found in nature but a cross between two plants ('Angel Face' X ampullacea 'Midget') by Jim Irvin. Just like epiphytes in nature, neo 'Mo Peppa Please' is a good mounting plant, anchoring itself to trees. A cute easy to grow miniature suitable for basket culture or poison dart frog vivarium. Neoregelia 'Mo peppa Please' is favored by terrarium enthusiasts for it's water-holding characteristics which makes it perfect for dart frogs to lay eggs on and deposit tadpoles in. Perfect for terrrariums, vivariums, indoor house plant keepers and plant keepers starting into bromeliads.

4 to 7 inch tall max sized.