Stephania Erecta with A seat Studio pot. (HP)

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Actual product is 2inch wide, not fully bloomed with leaves yet. Pic 2 onwards

Very cute house plant!

English name: Stephania Erecta 

Chinese name : 圓葉山烏龜 -居家风水植物

• Deco Concept : Scandinavian / nodiac plant in your interior
• Average weight of each bulb is estimated 70gram to 150 gram
• Easy maintenance, easy grow, light water and soil condition.

 Care Routine:

  • After 3 weeks to a month, it is depending of weather and healthy of each bulbs, the leaves will grow.
  • When the full leaves come, you can place in full of morning sunlight.
  • Watering it when the soil is completely dry. (check the humid with the toothpick)